Attention, Preparation and Conversation.


The order of your approach, your date plan, your break up. Everything.

Hey, (Attention)
I was just wondering, (Preparation)
If you knew where Carnaby Street was? (Conversation)

Then ofcourse you go into Attract stage where you plough through and keep the conversation going.
Like: ‘Ok, because I have a meeting in 20 mins and need to be on time. Do you know the quickest way to get there?’
Bla bla. Keep ploughing.

Look, (Attention)
I think we need to talk, (Preparation)
Things aren’t going so well. (Conversation)

You know, (Attention)
You are a really cool girl, (Preparation)
We should go for a coffee sometime. (Conversation)

Which leads into a logistically getting each others numbers.

In you’re meeting with your lecturer.

Okay, (Attention)
I have a question, (Preparation)
What is the meaning of life? (Conversation)

Etc. It will get all eyes on you, then get them listening. Then you get what you want….

End off.

As for when you phone, text or call. That doesn’t matter.
Every PUA says differently.

I say do what the fuck you want. That’s what an attractive man would truely do.

My model is almost finished!!!!!


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