Inner Game

Just admitted to a girl I was insecure about my teeth.
She said she didn’t even notice at first. It’s not bad and she wants to see me tonight.

If I let it bother me, it will bother her and this whole thing will end.

I’ll find out how it is when I see her next, also she’ll probably tell her friends and I’ll have to deal with that. – It will be character building. I’ve really made an effort with my inner game issues this year.

I should feel good when new year comes around.


On another note what I was thinking about why the girl likes me.
Because of these ‘attractive qualities’ I’ve manipulated in myself – I’ve changed to develop these qualities. And the girl is attracted to me for them.

I seems bad because she isn’t attracted to me for who I was. She’s attracted to me because of these things I’ve developed. – I have created that attraction. Made it.

So does the girl really like me for me?

The thing is. When I look back on when I didn’t know game, I was attracting them without knowing the qualities. But that’s because in some way I was showing them anyway. Seriously, they were there despite the fact I didn’t know. Only difference is, now I can spot them and choose when to show them.
Now I can analyse why the girl is attracted to me. And that’s both a gift and a curse.

But what Mortizul said. I am this person now. Despite everything I’ve ‘become’. It is congruent with who I am because I have chosen to be that guy. But the reason I’ve chosen those qualities is for girls…

Now. I am choosing those qualities because I want them.
I like being a leader… I can do whatever I want.
I like being confident. I like looking after myself.
I like being funny. I like having a good time. I like having girls as friends.
I like all these attractive qualities. – I want them to be me because it makes my life better.
These things are as much for me as they are for the girl.

Having these attractive qualities dramatically increases my enjoyment of life. Despite whether or not there are girls involved.

So yes. I have changed. And yes, I have manipulated attraction.
But she IS attracted to me. Because I AM these qualities…
Why am I them? — Because I choose to be.


And when I meet a girl who likes me beyond those qualities, when she loves me for my mistakes and my flaws as well as all the ‘game I’ve played right’ … I will be happy. Maybe that will never happen…


I have to start meditating!


Also, get sex out of the way fast.
Before anything else….
Once sex is over you can BE YOURSELF in the relationship.


I don’t want to be a PUA anymore.
I want to be a normal confident guy. I want to be happy.
I have to stop blogging. It’s not normal…


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